Tessa Barnes | photographer | wedding and lifestyle photography
Tessa Barnes is wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Expressing her natural, down-to-earth style through the lens, Tessa is passionate about helping others to share their stories through expressive and meaningful imagery. From family and couple shoots, to kids, pets, newborn, maternity, weddings and everything in-between, Tessa brings your story to life in her own beautiful and artistic way.
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What's Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell. Our lives are a collection of stories:

big, small, hair-raising, brow-raising, awesome, and even awesomerer (new word!).


Our stories differ and some are similar, but they are like fingerprints… unique to us and only us.

I’m here to help tell your story, to freeze a moment of time that means something to you so it can always be┬áremembered, cherished and appreciated.


This is a place where I can share my own stories, and others that I discover along the way.


Feel free to look around…